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No-Dig Roadshow: Dublin

We are delighted to be attending the No-Dig Roadshow in Dublin on Tuesday 21st March, at the Castleknock Hotel. The...
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No-Dig Roadshow: Dublin

We are delighted to be attending the No-Dig Roadshow in Dublin on Tuesday 21st March, at the Castleknock Hotel. The...
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Upgraded and improved

Before the cold snap, we took some great photos of this impressive full, 16-Cube Revive Flexline, fully remounted onto a...
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Book a demo today

Following some encouraging visits on the road last month. Our CCTV manager, Kevin O’Connell, is back in the demo van this...
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International Women’s Day 2023

‘‘The industry we work within is very much male-dominated, but things are starting to change. When I first joined, only...
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Tame the toughest terrain

Unlock the potential of the All-New Remote Reel from The Revive Group. With its low centre of gravity, superior stability, and...
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Build your nozzle boxset

Bespoke USB nozzle sets are getting ready to go out to our customers in Ireland. As an Official Distributor for...
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IBAK: Tour of Ireland

Excited to receive positive team feedback this week. More and more customers are getting to experience the capability of IBAK Helmut...
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Boschung: Eco friendly innovation

There are so many reasons to like the Boschung S2.0 Urban-Sweeper, the first fully electric street sweeper releasing zero emissions....
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The Urban-Sweeper S2.0

The team at Revive have undergone familiarisation and training for the impressive S2.0 Urban Sweeper from the Boschung Group. This all-electric...
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Reflecting on 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, reflecting on what we have learned over the last 12 months is essential to...
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Choose your weapon – USB

Revive USB – Choose your weapon With an extensive range of equipment to choose from the question isn’t can it...
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30,000L D-Tec Tankers

*BOTH UNITS ARE NOW SOLD* The Revive Group are pleased to have two brand-new 30,000L full stainless steel tankers available for...
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Four times the savings

A productive week comes to an end, with four units delivered to the team at Lanes Group plc in Manchester. We...
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Growing Tomatoes, Saving CO2

We have recently delivered this brand new 4200-gallon tanker to Tomato Plant Ltd, in the south of England. This is...
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Electric; done the Boschung way

The Boschung Group All-Electric Urban Sweeper S2.0 is now available from The Revive Group on the island of Ireland. Powered by a 54-kWh battery,...
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IBAK at the S1E open day

An enjoyable and informative few hours with Frank Claassen and the IBAK Helmut Hunger Gmbh & Co. KG team. Very impressed with the IBAK...
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Saving CO2 at sunset

The nights are drawing in, but the wheels keep turning at the Home of Sustainability in Ireland. Our latest project,...
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A ‘New’ lease of life

Another unit from The Revive Group has been successfully delivered to us here in New Zealand this month. As we further streamline...
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Reducing demand for virgin steel

This week, a customer in Ireland collected their fully Revived combination unit from the Home of Sustainability in Co. Tipperary....
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Quality as standard

Out for delivery! Another unit has left The Home of Sustainability and is en route to a valued customer in...
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MicroGator: Small name, big impact.

Looking for a compact cutter with the benefits of a complete inspection system? The MicroGator Air from IBAK Helmut Hunger Gmbh...
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IBAK: Sewer-iously good cameras.

Quickly diagnose faults in Full HD with the ORION 3 sewer inspection camera from IBAK Helmut Hunger Gmbh & Co. KG....
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Signed, sealed, delivered.

Our CCTV manager Kevin O’Connell is busy delivering box sets from USB Düsen to our valued customers in Ireland. As an...
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The fight to save CO2 continues

The fight to save CO2 continues! Two fully revived units are out of production and on their way to customers...
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Remanufactured Tanker Ready to Ship

The newest addition to the Renmak Ltd rental fleet is a fully Revived tanker; remanufactured and remounted at the Home...
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Revive New Zealand

The wheels are in motion on our next venture. The launch of Revive New Zealand enables us to broaden our market reach...
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Dyno-Rod Delivery

Thank you to DynoRod Ireland, who recently received a fully revived City unit from The Revive Group. At Revive, we are proud...
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Scania Visit

This week, we enjoyed an exciting and productive few days with the Scania Group, at their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Liam Kearney and The...
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Rewired. Refinished. Remounted.

Rewired, refinished and remounted? Another Revive unit is leaving the Home of Sustainability to a valued customer in Ireland. Benefitting...
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New Zealand bound

Great to see another unit heading out to new pastures from ‘The Home of Sustainability’ in County Tipperary, Ireland. Remounted...
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More than just a colour

We think green is a very apt colour for this impressive machine, which has helped save more than 20 tonnes...
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Recycle. Reuse. Regen.

Recycle. Reuse. Regen. Revive. This philosophy is applied to every unit we Revive at The Home of Sustainability in County...
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Happy St Patrick’s Day 2022!

We are wishing our friends, colleagues and customers all the luck of the Irish on this fine Saint Patrick’s Day!...
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Revive X IBAK

Great to have Frank Claassen and Dorian Hunger from IBAK Helmut Hunger Gmbh & Co. KG over with us in Ireland. Our CVTV manager, Kevin O’Connell, is excited...
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More than just a lick of paint

So much more than ‘just a lick of paint’. Revive units undergo extensive work to improve their overall performance and...
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Revive high-volume combination unit

The finishing touches are being applied to this high-volume combination unit before being distributed to Eastern Europe. The team are...
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Revive Eco Jetter Van-Pack

The high-pressure Revive Eco Jetter Van-Pack provides economic performance without compromising on power. To discuss options and arrange a demo...
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First Revive unit in New Zealand

A proud day for The Revive Group team, as we deliver our first unit to HYDROJET LTD in Te Kuiti, New...
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Impressive commitment from Lanes

Micheál Boyle and Liam Kearney are delighted to hand over the first part of a twenty unit order to Wayne Earnshaw at Lanes Group...
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Rent DYNAJET 350th

The compact and versatile DYNAJET 350th is now available to rent. This high-pressure washer is perfect for cleaning and refurbishing...
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Partners in Sustainability

The Revive Group are delighted to announce Acumec UK as our partner in sustainability and trusted distributor for Revive product...
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Our trucks save CO2

It’s a simple fact that the remanufacturing of every truck we Revive contributes towards savings in harmful CO2 emissions. Our facilities...
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Flood Expo 2021

Every unit ‘Revived’ at our Home of Sustainability, in Ireland, contributes significant savings in harmful CO2 emissions. Through a reduced...
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Mobile servicing and on-site repairs

Our lead CCTV engineer, Kevin O’Connell, has the experience and knowledge to diagnose many common problems and carry out mobile...
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Fully remanufactured combination units

The Revive Group have four fully remanufactured high-volume combination units available for sale or rent, coming soon. Each unit is...
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Announcing the ‘Home of Sustainability’

The Revive Group are delighted to unveil its new ‘Home of Sustainability’ in Ireland, a further sign of our commitment...
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Welcome Micheál Boyle

We are delighted to welcome Micheál Boyle to The Revive Group as our new Country Manager in Ireland. Alongside his...
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Switched on management

We are pleased to announce that our Revive Group senior management team have now all moved over to fully electric...
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CCTV Servicing

Keep your CCTV equipment in top condition with servicing and repairs from our experienced engineer, Kevin O’Connell. The Revive Group...
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Drain Trader magazine sustainability article

Fantastic piece on sustainability from Bridget Summers in the July issue of Drain Trader Magazine. The Revive Group and our...
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The search engine that plants trees

Ecosia – the search engine that plants trees. We have been using the Ecosia search engine over the last couple of...
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Hogan’s blue goes green

Many thanks to Martin Hogan for trusting Revive for his latest unit; which looks fantastic in the blue of Hogan’s...
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DALROD delivery

Our respect and gratitude to Mike Pollard and all at DALROD UK. As we become more aware of the impact carbon emissions can...
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Special delivery!

The environmental benefits of Revive’s units are even more impressive when viewed as part of a fleet. These three compact...
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Revive units are built to last

Revive units are built to last. Every vehicle benefits from additional reinforcements of the OEM subframe, upgrades to the original...
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50 years for McAllister

Yet another Revive FlexLine unit was completed this week for a satisfied customer. This unit was collected by the McAllister Group who...
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Another unit for the Lanes Group

We are proud to deliver Revive unit number 15 to Lanes Group plc. Together we are working to help support...
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Rainwater x DYNAJET

Great initiative from our CCTV manager Kevin O’Connell who is utilising our harvested rainwater to fill the powerful and versatile DYNAJET GmbH 350th. If...
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Rainwater harvesting

Simple but effective. At our Revive Thurles facility, we have repurposed this large oil tank to harvest rainwater and reduce...
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Save up to 15 tonnes of CO2

The latest figures from the World Steel Association and world climate action groups claim that the production of just one...