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Modular IBAK Systems in Our Custom CCTV Vans

Custom-built CCTV vans are available through The Revive Group. We have units ready to be shipped, complete with IBAK Helmut Hunger Gmbh & Co. KG systems and fitted into Renault and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

We can also provide systems to fit your existing vehicle and quote for complete fit-outs and any make or model. The modular IBAK system ensures that these vans can maximise man-hours, and the units can be utilised for a number of different roles.

The Renault Trafic comes complete with the following equipment:

• IBAK MiniLite 2 System with Accessories
• Compact Pushrod Camera System
• Pan and Rotate Camera (ORION 3 SD)
• 80m Pushrod Cable
• IBAK T66 Camera Tractor
• IBAK KW206 with Boom
• 200m Camera Cable
• IBAK BP100 Control Console

The higher-spec Mercedes Sprinter includes:

• IBAK BS10 Control System
• Cable Winch KW 306.2 with Boom
• 300m Camera Cable
• T66 Camera Tractor
• Bundle MiniLite 2 with Control Console
• MiniLite 2, Compact Pushrod Camera System (Orion 3D)
• Night Heater, Handwash Station, Camera Washdown, Dual Monitors, Microwave, Fridge

To learn more about these units or future builds, please get in touch with Kevin O’Connell or email


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