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Revive Products

Revive’s fleet undergoes continuous innovation, integrating cutting-edge technology into our units to ensure our products lead in sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Our diverse range includes large combination units, recyclers, compact city units, and jet vacs. Additionally, we offer versatile tankers to address a wide spectrum of tasks. Each unit undergoes remounting onto a new, high-spec chassis, featuring various enhancements beyond the OEM spec.

Key upgrades involve a newly rewired Revive Siemens operating system, reinforced with heavy-duty stainless steel enhancements to control panels, trays, and storage boxes. Structural improvements to the unit’s frame and subframe further contribute to durability.

These machines are meticulously crafted for longevity, offering you the confidence that Revive’s units are built to withstand the test of time.

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Revive Warrior

As the Group’s first new unit, the Revive Warrior epitomises durable craftsmanship focused on longevity rather than upfront cost savings.

Embodying uncompromising build integrity, this unit transcends the current market. The ‘Warrior’ has been engineered and assembled to withstand the rigours of intensive operation year after year in line with the Group’s commitment to sustainability.

This unit will also flow seamlessly into our Revive Program at the end of its life cycle. Providing unparalleled longevity to our partners.

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Revive Recycling Units

A low-maintenance sewer cleaning unit featuring a water recycling system that helps to save water and dramatically improve fuel efficiency.

The recycling system continuously separates sludge from water during operation, enabling the recycled water to efficiently cleanse sewers, boasting an impressive average water recycling rate of 96%.

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Revive Combination Units
10, 12, 14,000 Versions

One of the industry’s most versatile units, suitable for almost any task within the water and wastewater sector.

Revive Combination units are available in 10, 12, and 14-cube versions and are perfect for routine daily jobs such as emptying septic tanks, cleaning pipework, and general maintenance of the main sewerage network.

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Revive City Units

Compact and practical this versatile combination unit is designed for use in densely populated areas such as towns and cities.

Thanks to its small size, this unit provides minimal obstruction and allows access to areas many larger units may find challenging.

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Whale MVC Units
(Gully Suckers)

Mounted onto a high-spec Scania L280 chassis these 1800g Medium-Volume Combination units provide safety and comfort for the operator while the trusted technology in the back-end will make light work of falling leaves and seasonal weather.

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Boschung Electric Sweepers

Boschung’s all-electric sweepers, notably the S2.0 and P3.0 Pony models, epitomise the brand’s commitment to sustainable urban cleaning solutions. The S2.0 is a compact and eco-friendly sweeper designed for navigating narrow urban spaces, ensuring thorough cleaning without emissions or noise pollution.

The P3.0 Pony boasts versatility and efficiency, catering to various applications with its compact design and electric powertrain. Both models exemplify Boschung’s dedication to innovation, providing reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions for maintaining pristine public spaces.

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Revive are proud to be an official Sales and Service partner for IBAK in Ireland. We will provide contractors, municipalities, and utilities access to the entire range of IBAK’s products. From cameras and individual components to complete sewer inspection systems and vehicle fit-outs, IBAK’s innovative modular design allows for unrivalled versatility and several multi-use options.

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Revive Remote Reel

Utilising the chassis from the HTD-5 Dumpster. A compact, high-tip, diesel-powered mini dumper designed by JCB to save you time, energy and money.

With an exceptionally low centre of gravity, the Revive Remote Reel offers unrivalled stability and traction on even the most difficult terrain. With a fold-out platform to stand on and a nozzle carrier, the unit’s operation is simple and hassle-free.

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