The Revive Group specialise in the remanufacturing of all JHL sewer cleaning units. Our team has decades of experience and a passion for ensuring a greener, more sustainable future for the global water and wastewater industry.

Via our state-of-the-art facilities in County Tipperary, Ireland, every Revive unit benefits from extensive and superior upgrades to the typical OEM specification. Our vehicles are built to last, and we are proud of the environmental savings each one provides.

Through a reduced need for virgin steel, every Revive unit has the potential to save up to 25 tonnes in harmful CO2 emissions from the environment.

Every Revive unit benefits from the following upgrades:

• Upgraded tank mounts, pump supports and a reinforced subframe.

• A new user-friendly Revive/Siemens operating system is installed to ensure easy usage and hassle-free operation.

• Full refurbishment and/or replacement of existing jetting and vacuum pumps. With new filters and silencers fitted to reduce noise and fuel consumption.

• New, heavy-duty stainless steel slops, hose trays and cabinets.

• A full tank repaint.

• New jetting hoses, cassette boom and control panels.

• Each unit is fully remounted onto brand new high-spec chassis, with options available to the customer on brand and spec.

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