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Partners in Sustainability

The Revive Group are delighted to announce Acumec UK as our partner in sustainability and trusted distributor for Revive product sales within the UK.

Having worked closely with Chris Hughes and David Nixon, we have every confidence in their ability to promote Revive’s sustainable message and approach to a broader audience.

Acumec UK’s high-tech facility is ideally located in Coalville, Leicestershire and provides the water and wastewater industry with a centralised hub for drop-ins or planned servicing and repairs.

Thanks to Chris and David’s knowledge and experience, Acumec are well-positioned to assist Revive and ensure our units’ benefits are available to our friends in the United Kingdom.

Revive will continue to offer sales and rental services to the island of Ireland, but this announcement marks a big step in our growth as a company.

Partners in sustainability.


We re-manufacture, manufacture and develop specialised mobile-environmental equipment for the water and wastewater industry.

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