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Reviving Sustainability: The Revive Group Transforms Recycling Units on Efficient Scania Chassis!

At The Revive Group, we’re passionate about breathing new life into existing equipment. Our team of experts in Ireland have recently Revived a 14-Cube Recycling Unit to its former glory and remounted it onto a more efficient and reliable Scania Group P410 chassis.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to find innovative ways to reduce waste and promote environmental responsibility. By refurbishing, upgrading, and remounting trusted technology, we offer businesses financial and environmental savings with every unit we produce.

We take pride in our expert services and are dedicated to helping businesses around the world achieve their sustainability goals. We’re always happy to discuss your options if you’re interested in exploring how we can help you, your business, and the environment.

Micheál Boyle
+353 86 244 9395


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