Our Vision


These three words cover the core message of The Revive Group. For too long the wastewater industry has itself been far too wasteful. As the world finally wakes up to the impact manufacturing and its processes have on the global climate – Revive are committed to doing all they can to reduce, not only their carbon footprint, but also that of those who work alongside them.


Reducing Waste

Raising Standards

Lowering Pollution

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Revive are committed to reducing the demand for virgin steel within the water and wastewater industry.

Just one tonne of virgin steel releases 1.9 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. With many vehicles using upwards of 20 tonnes of steel in their production, it is scary to consider the overall figures.

Revive believes that we can restore and improve existing units when the reality is that only the chassis needs to be replaced.

The benefits of this are, of course, environmental, but also financial.

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Environmental benefits

Revive can use its vast industry experience and knowledge to reduce unnecessary waste through innovative remanufacturing processes.

Produced to the highest standards, Revive units already have happy customers in the UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Revive’s journey has just begun, but they are determined to create a greener future for the industry.