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Boschung: Eco friendly innovation

There are so many reasons to like the Boschung S2.0 Urban-Sweeper, the first fully electric street sweeper releasing zero emissions.

A 2m3 sweeper combining performance and an innovative battery that will last the entire work shift with just 100 minutes of charging time.

Electric vehicles are the way of the future, and it’s great to see Revive’s dedication to sustainability and progress. Join the sustainability movement with the all-electric S2.0 sweeper from the Boschung Group, chosen by Powys County Council and Conwy County Borough Council in Wales.

At The Revive Group in Ireland, we’re committed to bringing the same eco-friendliness and innovation to you and your business. Please contact our CCTV manager, Kevin O’Connell, to learn more about the environmental benefits and schedule a demo.

Take advantage of this chance to enhance your operations with Revive – get in touch today!

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