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ROS Plant Hire – Partners in Sustainability

In 2016, ROS Plant Hire acquired a 2005 Flexline 312 on a Mercedes chassis from Micheál Boyle, the then Country Manager for JHL Ireland. Fast forward seven years, and while the unit remained reliable, signs of wear on the chassis were evident.

Last year, Niall Murray approached Micheál and The Revive Group to explore upgrade options. Recognising the enduring quality of the original JHL units, which are perfect for the Revive Program due to the longevity provided by the 8mm boilerplate steel used, they agreed that a Full Revive was the best and most economical choice.

The decision was made to rebuild the unit on a brand-new, high-spec 2540L chassis from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Improving the overall efficiency and reliability of the unit.

For every tonne of steel we reuse as part of our program, we’re proud to contribute towards 1.9 tonnes of CO2 savings. This unit alone has saved more than 20 tonnes of CO2.

The project commenced in Q4 last year, and we’re thrilled to announce that the refurbished unit was handed over earlier this week! 🎉

A big thank you to Niall for his continued support and commitment to sustainability, which not only enhances an already outstanding unit but also helps us reduce CO2 emissions.

A special mention also, to ROS Plant Hire Driver, Fergal, for completing today’s training session with flying colours! 🙌

We Are Partners in Sustainability. 🇮🇪 ♻


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