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Our units

Offering anything from combination units to recyclers, JetVacs, tankers, and more, Revive are sewer cleaning specialists.

All our units are remounted onto new, high-spec chassis and come with several upgrades to the OEM spec.

These include a new, fully rewired Revive Siemens operating system, heavy-duty stainless steel upgrades to the control panels, trays and storage boxes and improvements to the unit’s structure and subframe.

You can be confident these machines are built to last.

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Revive 15-Cube High-Volume
Combination Unit.

The powerful 15-Cube, high-volume combination unit can handle even the most challenging of tasks.

Fitted with a Kaiser KWP3100 vacuum pump, this unit is perfect for stubborn jobs and comes with unrivalled suction and jetting power.

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Revive 10/12/14 Cube
Combination Units

One of the industry’s most versatile units, suitable for almost any task within the water and wastewater sector.

Revive Combination units are available in 10, 12 and 14 cube versions and are perfect for routine daily jobs such as emptying septic tanks, cleaning pipework, and general maintenance of the main sewerage network.

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Revive 4-Cube
Combination Unit

Compact and practical this versatile combination unit is designed for use in densely populated areas such as towns and cities.

Thanks to its small size, this unit provides minimal obstruction and allows access to areas many larger units may find challenging.

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Revive Tankers

Revive can provide tankers in many different sizes and options.

We have already delivered 3000, 4000 and 4200-gallon tankers to customers in the UK and Ireland.

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Revive Recycler

Maximise your operator uptime with a Revive Recycler unit.

With the ability to operate throughout the day, recycling system is designed to perform without the need to stop and refill the tank with new water.

The end result is an efficient and powerful machine perfect to save on running costs, water and fuel consumption.

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Revive Remote Reel

Utilising the chassis from the HTD-5 Dumpster. A compact, high-tip, diesel-powered mini dumper designed by JCB to save you time, energy and money.

With an exceptionally low centre of gravity; the Revive Remote Reel offers unrivalled stability and traction on even the most difficult of terrain. With a fold-out platform to stand on and a nozzle carrier, the operation of the unit is both simple and hassle-free.

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